Engineering Recruitment

ALTHOM encourages accelerated careers. Our recruitment services include the search and selection of professional experts and executive managers and the placement of specialists. On the one hand, our engineering recruitment business is to find constellations which offer high cost efficiency. On the other hand, it is our goal to bring engineers together and let them benefit from each other – the young ones from the experienced and the experienced ones from the young, innovative ideas that will make up the future of technology.

We are always looking forward to meet new talents, specialists and experts in the field of engineering and integrate them into challenging global projects. Furthermore, ALTHOM takes care of candidates during the first steps of application processes and of its constantly growing network of engineering professionals.

ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

The Company

Erneuerbare Energien Technische Dokumentation
Renewable Energy
Luft- und Raumfahrtdokumentation
Technische Dokumentation Verteidigung - Defence
Technische Dokumentation Automobil
Technische Dokumentation Maschinenbau
Mechanical Engineering
Technische Dokumentation Schiffbau - Marine
Dokumentation Schienenverkehr

Our concept can be applied across different industries and ensures the fulfilment of customer requirements and expectations.