The forced circulation helical coil design concept of the Clayton steam systems produces outstanding benefits to the user.

High Efficiency

Very high efficiency is the most obvious benefit that comes from small sizes because of low radiation and convection heat losses. In addition, heat flow is in the opposite direction to the water flow through the coil and this counterflow principle optimizes heat transfer which results in low running costs.

Small Size

Compact design means the minimal space is required for a complete Clayton boiler house. For an new installation, building costs are reduced and in an existing factory a Clayton system can easily be fitted into the available area and the low weight even permits location on an upper floor level.

Rapid Start

Start up from a completely cold condition in five minutes. The warm up fuel is minimized and the unit can be switched off when the operator leaves at the end of the working day. The Clayton Steam Generator is therefore also ideal when used as an auxiliary or standby boiler.


It is not possible to have a steam explosion. This is a danger associated with low water level in other types of boiler that store a large volume of hot water. The Clayton Steam Generator does not have a water level and does not store a large volume of water so the danger is completely eliminated.

High Quality Steam

Steam quality is the best available from any type of boiler and is at least 99,5% dry saturated at all steam loads. This reduces the amount of water and impurities going into the process and ensures higher energy content of the process steam.

Rapid Response

Extremely rapid response to changes in the demand for steam is inherent in the forced circulation design. A Clayton Steam Generator will speedily ramp up and run at maximum steam output continuously without faltering.

Low Blowdown

Blowdown which is necessary to prevent the build-up of impurities in all boiler systems is extremely small with Clayton design. This saves fuel, save chemicals and saves water.

Fully Automatic

The rapid start and rapid response can be controlled automatically. All Clayton systems can be started by a single switch locally or remotely just like any modern advanced machinery.

Unattended Operation

Because of the inherent safety and automatic systems all Clayton Steam Generators can be supplied to run without operator attendance for up to a period of one week.

Low Maintenance

One of the practical benefits of the simple design concept is that maintenance requirements are minimal. In addition, all the components have been developed and improved over many years to make the Clayton Steam Generator the most reliable steam boiler available today.

ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

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